CAMAS.INFO was started with the goal of connect residents, visitors, and local businesses to strengthen our community.

Our first project was to build the Camas App to help assist our local businesses by regenerating our economy and make it more resilient.

The last 18 months has given us an opportunity to be more intentional about where and how we spend our money. Every purchase we make is either adding to, or taking away from our community.

We’ve also seen an increased polarization a in everything from politics & education to healthcare.

Our next goal is to promote conversations and use the many perspectives in our community to be better informed and stronger from the diversity.

Let us know if you’d like to contribute to the conversation.


The app was built to bring us together.

By design, it does not track your activity, filter and hide businesses, or serve the financial interests of global technology companies.


We choose to practice Collaborative Commerce over exploitive economics.

about the app

The Camas App is a progressive web app you can use on any device – phones, tablets, laptops, & desktops. It’s the best way to find places to eat, shop, get a beverage, have some fun, & strengthen our community! 

Own a business in Camas? 

The app was built with you in mind – we created ways to help connect you with new customers and better serve existing ones. 


This is a smart way to connect with our community….

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